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Corrections & Law Enforcement

DOC holiday membership meetings start in Nov. Full schedule here!


Join us for our 2017 Holiday Membership Meetings for Teamsters at DOC. At the meetings, we will be discussing:

  • interest arbitration award & our contract
  • our 2019 legislative agenda
  • Lobby Day 2019
  • keeping our union strong with open shop

You can view days, times, and facilities below. Click on the link to your facility to RSVP.

Monday 11/13/2017 1300, 1430 DOC HQ
Tuesday 11/14/2017 0615, 0800, 1230, 1415, 1545 AHCC
Tuesday 11/14/2017 0620, 1130, 1300, 1410 MCCCW
Wednesday 11/15/2017 0620, 1130, 1300, 1410, 1530 WCCW
Thursday 11/16/2017 0630, 0830, 1200, 1420, 1600  WSP
Friday 11/17/2017 0620, 1100, 1300, 1420 WCC
Tuesday 11/21/2017 0615, 0830, 1130, 1230, 1415, 1600, 1815 CRCC
Monday 11/27/2017 1100 Central Pharmacy
Tuesday 11/28/2017 0600, 1400 CI HQ
Wednesday 11/29/2017 1130, 1300, 1410, 2100 LCC
Thursday 11/29/2017 800 MICC
Thursday 11/30/2017 1100 SWRBO
Tuesday 12/5/2017 1130, 1300, 1410, 2100 OCC
Wednesday 12/6/2017 1130, 1300, 1410, 2100 CCCC
Thursday 12/7/2017 0630, 1200, 1445, 1600 MCC
Thursday 12/7/2017 1130, 1300, 1410, 2100 CBCC
Wednesday 12/13/2017 1130, 1300, 1410, 2100, 2200 SCCC


Postings going up for Shop Stewards at all DOC facilities

Over the next two weeks, we will be posting for new Shop Stewards on union bulletin boards at all Department of Corrections facilities across the state.

The Shop Steward position involves engaging your co-workers in the union, advocating for them in the workplace, enforcing the contract, maintaining direct communication with the Union Rep, participating in grievance meetings, among many other duties.

The next two-year term for newly-elected Shop Stewards begins on January 1, 2018 and ends on December 31, 2019.

If you are interested in the position, please watch your union bulletin board over the next two weeks, and sign up. If you have questions, talk to your union representative.

Guardian newsletter - Our fall issue for DOC members is now available!

10.2.17_Guardian_Page_1.jpgThe new issue of the Guardian, our union's newsletter for Teamsters who work at the Department of Corrections is now available!

In this issue you'll find:

A CRCC member who writes about joining the union
Michelle's column on our Political Advisory Committee
Highlights from our 2017-2019 contract
Bios of two new Union Reps for DOC members

You can read the Guardian online here. Member leaders and union reps will be distributing print copies out in the facilities over the next two weeks.

Welcome new DOC Union Rep, Fred Rodgers!


Welcome our new Union Representative for members at the Department of Corrections, Frederick Rodgers.

Fred grew up in Miami Florida and graduated from Southeast Oklahoma State University in 1990 with majors in Sociology and Physical Education. After college he joined the Dallas Police Department where he reached the rank of Senior Corporal and taught defensive tactics. At that time he was part of the Texas Police Officers Association. After 10 years with the Dallas Police Department he pursued a different career and moved to Washington State to become a security director of Go2Net. After leaving Go2Net he managed his own security consulting company Rodgers Ventures LLC.

Fred started working with DOC in 2003 at the Monroe Correctional Complex. He started as a custody officer and worked his way up to a Sergeant with experience working at all the facilities at MCC. In December 2011, he became a classification counselor and upgraded to a supervisory role including a year and a half as Correctional Unit Supervisor at the Washington State Reformatory Unit A/B units.

Fred is assigned to Monroe Correctional Complex. He is looking forward to working with his old colleagues in a new role.

In his spare time, Fred lift weights and plays racquetball. He also follows the success of his 15-year-old son who plays football at Kentwood High School.

Welcome to the family, Fred, we wish you success!

Teamster sharpshooters raise money to fight hunger


Mark Hackett, Kimberly Braun, Tanesha Van Leuven, and Roger Gale at the Emergency Food Network's Breaking Hunger event.

Teamster members took aim to fight hunger last week at the 5th annual Trap Shooting and Archery Tournament sponsored by Tacoma's Emergency Food Network

The contest, held at the Gig Harbor Sportsmen’s Club on August 11, raised thousands of dollars to help feed hungry families throughout our region.  

"We were doing what we like to do, having fun, and doing it for a really good cause."

"There are a lot of ways to raise money but we were doing what we like to do, having fun, and doing it for a really good cause," said Tanesha Van Leuven, a member who participated in the event.

Van Leuven, who is an officer of ten years at the University of Washington Police Department, talked about the importance of our union giving back to the community.

"It's important to partner with various organizations in the community. Anything we give, donate, or sponsor can help people who need help right now."

Our Local Union’s Executive Board sponsored the team at the $600 level. All proceeds from the event went to benefit the Emergency Food Network.

Thank you to the members from the Teamsters Law Enforcement & Corrections Division and their friends who participated in the tournament.

  • Tanesha Van Leuven, University of Washington Police Dept. 
  • Mark Hackett, University of Washington Police Dept.
  • Roger Gale, City of Pacific Police Dept.
  • Kimberly Braun, Friend 

The Pierce County emergency food system includes 67 food banks providing over 15 million meals annually to over a hundred thousand families in need.  Teamsters Local 117 is a generous supporter of EFN and has participated in a number of volunteer events to benefit the organization.

DOC barbecues bring people together


DOC members who work a the Washington State Penitentiary in Walla Walla gather at Pioneer Park for one of our union BBQs.

Barbecues are blazing across the state as Teamsters at the Department of Corrections gather for summer cookouts at or near every prison facility in Washington.

“This brings people together,” said Noelle Guenette, a member leader who is an officer at the Washington Corrections Center for Women in Gig Harbor.

"This is a great way to check in with everybody and reconnect."

Guenette showed up on the last day of her vacation to lend a hand at the event, as over 130 members passed through the facility’s visitation area for hot dogs, hamburgers, and some old-fashioned union solidarity.

“As a perimeter officer, I don’t get to see my fellow Teamster co-workers very often,” she said. “This is a great way for me to check in with everybody and reconnect.”

The BBQs are also an occasion to celebrate the recent signing of our 2017-2019 collective bargaining agreement by the governor and our union’s Secretary-Treasurer, John Scearcy. 

Organizing update: 11 new DOC groups have joined our union


David Niles, a correctional specialist at CRCC, is grateful to be re-joining the union. 

Correctional Specialist, David Niles, of the Coyote Ridge Corrections Center (CRCC) in Connell is grateful to join the ranks of Teamsters 117 once again. 

In his previous position at the facility, he was a member of our union, but he promoted out of the bargaining unit. Now, his correctional specialist group, along with 10 other DOC groups have voted to join forces with Teamsters Local 117, with two more waiting for PERC certification.

That makes 11 new groups at the DOC over the last two years!  

Niles writes of his experience below:

Becoming a Teamster has been my goal since I was promoted to a non-represented position in 2014. Prior to my promotion, I was an active member of Teamsters 117 and a Shop Steward. A question that I asked myself, then my supervisor and the Union: Why is my current position non-represented? The answer that I received was that at the time of the Correctional Specialist position allocation, the first Correctional Specialist 3’s did not want representation and that the work being conducted traditionally was being conducted by non-represented classified positions. I then became busy learning my new job and the request fell by the wayside, but was not forgotten.

Don’t get me wrong, I thought that the lack of representation leaves an employee vulnerable and in the hands of policies that are constantly open to interpretation and revision. I also knew that those who are represented by a union are paid on average 5-10% more than non-represented employees and the current pays scales supports those numbers.

Fast forward three years, an opportunity arose to see if my peers have thought about or reconsidered joining the union again. The majority said yes and now it is history, I am now a proud union member of Teamsters 117 and a proud state employee with the Department of Corrections. I have a strongly worded contract that supports me and ensures fair and equitable treatment and I have fair compensation for the work that is performed. I look forward to being active in my Local and hopefully representing my fellow Teamsters as a Shop Steward once again.

David Niles
Coyote Ridge Corrections Center

Here is the list of all of the new Department of Corrections bargaining units that have joined our union since 2015:

  • Dentists
  • Registered Nurse 3
  • Administrative Assistant 3
  • Marine Department
  • Recreation & Athletics Specialist 4
  • Correction Specialist 2 (Supervisory)
  • Correction Specialist 2 (Non-Supervisory)
  • Occupational Nurse Consultants
  • Administrative Assistant 3 (CBCC)
  • Correction Specialist 1
  • Correction Specialist 3

These groups contain hundreds of new members who are standing together in their union to improve their wages and working conditions and to gain the benefits and protections of a Teamsters contract.

Let's be sure to welcome them to Teamsters Local 117!

DOC 2017-2019 contract now available online!


Local 117 Secretary-Treasurer John Scearcy signs our DOC 2017-2019 collective bargaining agreement. 

Yesterday, in a ceremony in Olympia, the Governor and our union's Secretary-Treasurer, John Scearcy, signed our 2017-2019 DOC collective bargaining agreement.

Our new contract is now available for you on our union's website here.

In the agreement, our bargaining committee achieved general wage increases of at least 10.5% over the coming biennium for all DOC Teamsters and we achieved interest arbitration rights. 

I encourage you to familiarize yourself with your contract. It provides important information about your rights, protections, guaranteed wages, and working conditions as a Teamster at the DOC. 

Thank you to our outstanding bargaining committee who worked long hours to make this important achievement possible. And congratulations to all of our members who stood together and spoke out for safety, family wages, and better working conditions.

This victory is yours.


Guardian newsletter: Get the latest news from DOC


The new issue of the Guardian, our newsletter for Teamsters who work at the Department of Corrections, is now available. In this issue, you'll find articles on:

  • successfully getting our 2017-2019 contract funded;
  • more correctional employees joining Teamsters;
  • our new associate general counsel, Marie Duarte;
  • plans to fortify our union at the DOC;
  • and more!

You can access an electronic copy of the Guardian online here. For print copies, talk your your union representative.



Premium pay for officers working in BFOQ positions

In last year’s interest arbitration hearing, one of our priorities for Teamsters working in BFOQ positions at WCCW and MCCCW was to address the issue of excessive mandatory overtime.

Charlotte Weimann, a 33-year officer at WCCW, helped make our case to the arbitrator.

After listening to our concerns, Arbitrator Lankford awarded officers: a two (2) range premium for all hours worked in a BFOQ position if and only if the facility in question assigned more than 30% more mandatory overtime hours to female Corrections and Custody Officers than to male Corrections and Custody Officers during the preceding calendar quarter.

For calendar quarter April through June 2017, the more than 30% threshold was met. This means that female CO’s will receive a two (2) range premium for all hours worked in a BFOQ position for the current calendar quarter.

Due to DOC payroll issues, affected officers at WCCW and MCCCW likely won’t see their additional compensation until their August 10 paycheck.  But your premium pay is on the way.

This is another example of the power of interest arbitration and the impact it continues to have on members of our union. We can thank everyone who worked so hard to achieve interest arbitration for DOC Teamsters over the last several years and our outstanding union bargaining committee that successfully negotiated these rights into our 2017-2019 contract.