When we fight, we win!

Corrections & Law Enforcement

Personal Holidays Outcome Preserves DOC Members' Rights

Last year, Teamsters at the DOC successfully won an arbitration award that prohibits the Department from denying personal holiday requests under the pretext that “relief is unavailable.”

The arbitrator’s award put a stop to the DOC’s practice of denying personal holiday requests in most cases.  Unfortunately, it didn’t stop the Department from violating your contract altogether. DOC continued to deny personal holiday requests when the day requested fell on an actual holiday.  

WSP Psychologist Wins Outstanding Clinician Award

Dr.-Russell.jpgGracious is the word that springs to mind when you talk about Dr. Tamara Russell. 

This summer, Dr. Russell, a Teamsters 117 member who oversees a group of mental health clinicians at the Washington State Penitentiary, received an award from the American Psychological Association for her outstanding and innovating work at the facility. 

But instead of claiming even an ounce of credit for the award, Dr. Russell praises her staff for their dedication, creativity, and commitment.

DOC Facility News - Check it Out!

For a sample of the representational work that we are involved in on behalf of Teamsters at the DOC, check out the new DOC facility news section of the website.  

The work described in the section is by no means comprehensive.  The facility news section will be updated on a bi-monthly basis and can be accessed in the member center under Department of Corrections and Law Enforcement.

Any feedback or suggestions you have would be appreciated.  Thank you!

DOC Guardian Newsletter: A Word with the Gov.

Message-for-Governor.jpgThe new issue of the Guardian, the newsletter for Teamsters at the Department of Corrections, is now available!

This issue contains a health care update, a political update, and articles on a arbitration win at AHCC, as well as information about upcoming meetings at your facility.

Gearing up for the 2014 Legislative Session

Lobby-Day.jpgThe 2014 legislative session is right around the corner, and we are busy establishing our legislative priorities so that we can hit the ground running.  

Next year's session will start on January 14 and will run for 60 days.  It's a short session, so acting quickly and decisively with lots of member support is key.

Some of the things we will be working on include:

DOC Winter Membership Meetings

Winter-Meetings.jpgThroughout the months of November and December, Local 117 members at our DOC facilities will be gathering across the State for their annual winter membership meetings.

Your Business Representative along with Director of Corrections & Law Enforcement Michelle Woodrow will be on hand to answer your questions. 

View a list of times, dates, and locations, see below: 

Local 117 Files Lawsuit over Lost Wages at DOC

Legal-Department.jpgYour Union’s legal department, with the help of outside counsel, has filed a lawsuit in King County Superior Court alleging that the Department of Corrections violated State law by failing to permit Teamster 117 members who work a double shift to exercise their contractual right to forgo unpaid meal periods during their second shift.

DOC Steward Trainings Scheduled for this Winter

Eric-Smith.jpgStarting this November, your Local Union will be facilitating trainings for Shop Stewards at the Department of Corrections at all DOC facilities across the state.

This is an opportunity for DOC Stewards to gain a deeper understanding of the grievance and arbitration process, political action, member mobilization, the elements of just cause, and the scope and history of Teamsters 117.    

Long-term employee wins back pay in DOC arbitration win

Legal-Department.jpgIt happens faster than you think:  You come to work one day and realize you’ve got a target on your back.  Even good, long-term employees with stellar performance reviews aren't immune. 

Maybe you’ve got a new manager who wants to “shake things up” a bit, or your boss suddenly decides he wants to crack down on union supporters.  Or maybe you’re facing turbulence in your personal life – a major illness or divorce – that is making it difficult to concentrate on the job.  

Who said phone banking for your favorite Teamster candidates isn't fun?

Phone banking gets a bum rap, often for good reason. The term conjures up images of stressed telemarketers squeezed into cubicles selling Aruba timeshares to unsuspecting retirees.

But phone banking can actually be a lot of fun, especially when you’re a Teamster. After all, it’s not every day that you get to hang out in the back of a semi, munching on pizza with a couple of decorated veterans, talking to voters about how Teamster-endorsed candidates can bring positive change to their communities.