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2016 Election Endorsements

The following represents the Teamsters 117 political endorsements for the 2016 election cycle, as well as races from Teamsters Joint Council No. 28.  You can also find additional endorsements from the Teamsters Joint Council No. 28 here.

For more information regarding the endorsement process or to get involved in election activities, contact Local 117 Political Coordinator Dustin Lambro at 206-441-4860 ext. 1262. 


Statewide Executive Office
Office Endorsed Candidate
Governor Jay Inslee
Lieutenant Governor Cyrus Habib
Attorney General Bob Ferguson
Secretary of State Tina Podlowdowski
State Auditor Mark Miloscia
State Treasurer Marko Liias
Superintendant of Public Instruction Chris Reykdal
Commissioner of Public Lands Dave Upthegrove


Legislative District Races
District Position Endorsed Candidate
Legislative District 1 Senate Luis Moscoso
  House Pos. 1 Derek Stanford 
  House Pos. 2 Shelly Kloba 
Legislative District 2  House Pos. 1 Amy Pivetta-Hoffman
Legislative District 3 Senate Andy Billig 
  House Pos. 1 Marcus Riccelli 
  House Pos. 2 Timm Ormsby 
Legislative District 5 House Pos. 1 Jason Ritchie
  House Pos. 2 Matt Larson
Legislative District 6 House Pos. 2 Sharlene Lichty
Legislative District 8 House Pos. 1 Brad Klippert
Legislative District 9 House Pos. 1 Jennifer Goulet
Legislative District 10 Senate Angie Homola 
  House Pos. 2 Dave Hayes 
Legislative District 11 Senate Bob Hasegawa 
  House Pos. 1 Zack Hudgins 
Legislative District 14 House Pos. 1 Norm Johnson
  House Pos. 2 Gina McCabe
Legislative District 16 Senate Maureen Walsh
  House Pos. 2 Ricardo Espinoza
Legislative District 17 Senate Tim Probst
  House Pos. 1 Sam Kim
Legislative District 19 Senate Dean Takko
  House Pos. 1 Teresa Purcell & JD Rossetti (Dual)
  House Pos. 2 Brian Blake
Legislative District 21 House Pos. 1 Strom Peterson
  House Pos. 2 Lillian Ortiz-Self
Legislative District 22 Senate Sam Hunt
  House Pos. 1 Lori Dolan & Rhenda Strub (Dual)
  House Pos. 2 Beth Doglio
Legislative District 23 Senate Christine Rolfes
  House Pos. 1 Sherry Appleton
  House Pos. 2 Drew Hanson
Legislative District 24 Senate Kevin Van De Wege
  House Pos. 1 Mike Chapman
  House Pos. 2 Steve Tharinger
Legislative District 26 House Pos. 1 Larry Seaquist
  House Pos. 2 Randy Spitzer
Legislative District 30 House Pos. 1 Mike Pellicciotti
  House Pos. 2 Kristine Reeves
Legislative District 31 House Pos. 2 Laine Walthers
Legislative District 32 House Pos. 1 Cindy Ryu
Legislative District 33 House Pos. 1 Tina Orwall
  House Pos. 2 Mia Gregerson
Legislative District 34 House Pos. 2 Joe Fitzgibbon
Legislative District 35 House Pos. 1 Irene Bowling
Legislative District 36 House Pos. 1 Noel Frame
  House Pos. 2 Gael Tarleton
Legislative District 38 House Pos. 1 June Robinson
  House Pos. 2 Mike Sells
Legislative District 39 Senate Kirk Pearson
  House Pos. 1 Linda Wright
  House Pos. 2 Ronda Metcalf
Legislative District 40 Senate Kevin Ranker
  House Pos. 1 Kris Lytton
Legislative District 41 Senate Lisa Wellman
  House Pos. 1 Tana Senn
  House Pos. 2 Judy Clibborn
Legislative District 42 House Pos. 1 Sharlaine LaClair
Legislative District 43 House Pos. 1 Marcus Courtney
  House Pos. 2 Frank Chopp
Legislative District 44 House Pos. 1 John Lovick
  House Pos. 2 Katrina Ondracek
Legislative District 45 House Pos. 1 Roger Goodman
Legislative District 46 House Pos. 1 Gerry Pollet
  House Pos. 2 Jessyn Farrell
Legislative District 47 House Pos. 1 Brooke Valentine
  House Pos. 2 Pat Sullivan
Legislative District 48 House Pos. 2 Joan McBride
Legislative District 49 Senate Annette Cleveland
  House Pos. 1 Sharon Wylie
  House Pos. 2 Monica Stonier


Statewide Judicial Races
Office Endorsed Candidate
Supreme Court, Pos. 1 Mary Yu
Supreme Court, Pos. 5 Barbara Madsen


Federal Office
Office Endorsed Candidate
Congressional District 3 Jim Moeller
Congressional District 5 Joe Pakootas
Congressional District 8 Alida Skold
Congressional District 9 Adam Smith


Local Offices
Office Endorsed Candidate
Walla Walla County Commissioner, Dist. 1 Jared Frerichs
Walla Walla County Commissioner, Dist. 2 Randal Son

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