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Port of Seattle Police Officers Honored for Outstanding Service and Live-Saving Efforts


Officers Eric Miles (l) and Larry Murray (r) together with the man they saved: Dan Walton who suffered a massive heart attack at the airport in January. 

Congratulations to our members at the Port of Seattle Police Department who were recognized for their outstanding service at the Department's awards ceremony last Thursday.

Three of our officers were honored with Life-Saving awards in two separate incidents.

Sergeant Dan Flynn, a Local 117 Shop Steward, quickly identified the symptoms of an extremely dangerous condition known as "excited delirium" in a disruptive passenger trying to board an Alaska Airlines flight in November 2014.

Flynn responded to the scene immediately, correctly diagnosed the individual, and requested medical assistance.

The medics were able to save the man's life, but only in the nick of time. The supervising medical officer said the man's temperature had skyrocketed to 104 degrees and he was moments away from death.

Sergeant Flynn's training and quick thinking led to the necessary medical intervention. As it turns out, the man was an Army veteran being treated for extreme PTSD. Flynn had saved the life of a veteran.

In a separate incident, Officers Larry Murray and Eric Miles performed life-saving CPR for several minutes on Dan Walton who had suffered a massive heart attack near the departures area in January.  

Walton spoke at the awards ceremony, expressing his gratitude for the officers' heroics. “If it wasn't for the people, the skills, the dedication, and the people in this room today, I wouldn't be here,” he said.

Sergeant Mark Tanga and Officer Cory Stairs received the Meritorious Service award at the ceremony for their many years of outstanding service. 

Congratulations to the award recipients and thank you to all of our officers at the Port of Seattle for your service to our community and for helping to keep us safe.

DOC Teamsters Awarded 10.5% in Interest Arbitration Decision


All Teamster correctional employees will receive no less than 10.5% over the biennium.

Funding must still be approved by the state legislature.

View a complete contract summary with salary schedule here.

I have some good news to report! Today we received our interest arbitration award from Arbitrator Howell Lankford impacting your compensation for the 2017-2019 biennium.

All Teamster correctional employees will receive no less than 10.5% over the biennium if funding is approved by the legislature. The award calls for a 4.5% increase effective July 1, 2017; a 3% increase effective July 1, 2018; and a 3% increase effective January 1, 2019 for nearly all classifications. Several classifications will also receive range increases.

This award shows the enormous value of having interest arbitration. Your wage increase will be 4.5% higher than general government employees and 6.5% higher than the State’s final offer at the bargaining table.

Assaulted WSP Member Opens Up About about PTSD


Tammy Kimball hopes her story will bring awareness to the dangers of working in a prison and help prevent a future assault.

On the morning of June 14, 2014, Tammy Kimball’s life changed forever. She arrived at work early in the morning as she did every day. Tammy works as an AC Cook at the Washington State Penitentiary where she supervises inmates working in the kitchen. 

Working in a prison carries constant risk. Tammy had been on staff at WSP for four years. She has the instincts of a trained prison employee.

Teamster volunteers get out the vote for corrections member


Well over a dozen Teamster volunteers spent the afternoon on Saturday talking to voters in and around Walla Walla. 

Our group was getting out the vote for Jared Frerichs, a Local 117 member who is running for County Commissioner. 

Jared is a military veteran and a Correctional Specialist who works at the Washington State Penitentiary. 

"I’ve always felt a deep love and commitment to my community," Jared says. "Many of my values and lessons were formed in the fields, hills, and along the riverbanks of the Walla Walla Valley."

Jared's running on a platform of bringing more living-wage jobs to Walla Walla county, ensuring that residents of the county feel safe, and protecting the environment. 

To learn more about Jared and his campaign, visit his website at Jared4ww.com and his Facebook page at facebook.com/jared4ww.

We're Hiring! Open Positions for DOC Business Reps

Your Union is currently recruiting for two business representative positions for the Department of Corrections. 

We are in need of a representative on the east side of the state as well as the west side of the state.  If this interests you, please find the attached job description that includes instructions on how to submit your cover letter and resume. The deadline to apply is September 30, 2016.

If you do apply, please include whether or not you are willing to relocate.  At this time, the specific jurisdictions have not been determined. 

Thank you!

Michelle Woodrow
President and Director of Corrections & Law Enforcement

Unions reach agreement with State on health care


We're pleased to report that today our Coalition of Unions achieved an agreement with the State on health care for State employees. Under RCW 41.80, state employee health care negotiations must be conducted at the coalition level. 

The agreement provides for a maintenance of the status quo percentages of the prior agreement. The 85% / 15% split between the employer and the employee on the weighted average of the premium is therefore maintained for the 2017-2019 biennium. 

The only change under this agreement is that a $25 gift certificate is available for eligible members who participate in the State’s WELL BEING assessment. 

We’re still waiting to receive our interest arbitration award from Arbitrator Howell Lankford, which deals with the other compensation elements of your contract, but this agreement on health care will be incorporated into your collective bargaining agreement as required under the law. 

DOC Guardian Newsletter - Fall Issue!

Guardian-Sept.-2016.jpgWe’ve come a long way since the last issue of our Guardian newsletter. We completed the bargaining process and achieved some meaningful improvements to our DOC contract. We also made a strong case to significantly raise wages at our interest arbitration hearing. 

We expect the arbitrator to issue a decision on a general wage increase as well as on other compensation elements of our contract by the end of this month.

With so much to report, I'm excited to announce the fall issue of our Guardian newsletter. 

In this issue, you'll find a report from the interest arbitration hearing, a story about a WSP member who is running for office, and an editorial piece by our Union’s Secretary-Treasurer, John Scearcy.

You can access a PDF of the newsletter here. For print copies, talk to your Shop Steward or Business Representative. 

Thank you and stay safe!

Michelle Woodrow
President and Director of Corrections & Law Enforcement

DOC interest arbitration hearing - closing arguments


Former Local 117 ST Tracey Thompson Presents our Closing Argument to the Arbitrator

Last Friday was the final day of our interest arbitration hearing. We used the opportunity to emphasize our main argument in the case: Washington State corrections employees are dramatically underpaid as compared to their counterparts who work at the county-level and in other Western states. The arbitrator must issue an award that rectifies this injustice. 

Our Union’s former Secretary-Treasurer, Tracey Thompson, who we retained for the arbitration, presented our closing argument. Click here to watch a video of Tracey’s entire presentation.

Tracey laid out our proposal for an across-the-board wage increase for all members of the bargaining unit. We are calling for a 15 percent general wage increase in the first year of the contract plus a 3.5 percent cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) and a 15 percent increase in the second year of the contract plus a 3.5 percent COLA. These increases would bring Washington State correctional employees in line with the market average.

“You have the opportunity to do justice, to bring compensation equity to the men and women who work in the State of Washington’s 12 adult prisons,” Tracey told the arbitrator.

Our proposal also calls for several range adjustments to address recruitment and retention issues as well as a number of premium pay adjustments.

Tracey countered the State’s argument that our proposal is not financially feasible. She noted that the state’s economic position has significantly improved over the last two years. “The State does not and cannot deny that Washington’s economy is healthy by any measure,” she said.

In its closing, the State acknowledged the need to increase wages and claimed to value the hard work of its employees. At the same time, they defended their economic position of a three percent increase in both years of the contract. They argued that a larger pay raise would be excessive given the State’s financial obligations.

Now that the hearing has concluded, the arbitrator will consider the evidence presented by the Union and the State. We expect him to issue his award before the end of the month.

Thank you to the DOC members who testified at the hearing and to our Union bargaining committee who spent multiple days in negotiations prior to the hearing. Thanks also to our Union’s legal and research teams that worked tirelessly to prepare and present the case.

We will let you know as soon as we receive the arbitrator's decision. You can review an update from each day of our five-day interest arbitration hearing on our website here. To learn more about the interest arbitration process, click here.

DOC Interest Arbitration Update: Day 4


Host of rank and file members provide first hand accounts of working for DOC

In the fourth day of our interest arbitration hearing, several veteran DOC staff provided firsthand testimony of the challenges they face working at the Department.

Charlotte Weimann, a 33-year DOC Corrections Officer at WCCW, spoke about BFOQ issues at the facility. Charlotte is one of the most senior staff at Purdy, and still is assigned mandatory overtime.

DOC Interest Arbitration Update: Day 3


Director of Research Paul Marvy and expert witnesses presented evidence showing the dramatic wage gap at the Department of Corrections.

On the third day of our interest arbitration hearing, your Director of Research, Paul Marvy, along with financial experts retained by your Union, provided detailed and well-researched evidence of the dramatic disparity in pay between corrections employees in Washington State compared with other Western states.

Our research showed that, for example, a mid-career CO2 lags their comparables in other states by 26.7 percent. The wage deficiency is even higher when Washington state county data is included. We argued this data should be included because in-state employers compete for DOC employees. State Health Care Administrator Eric Hernandez readily admitted this point on cross-examination.